VaGa’s mission is simple and clear. We believe that our success comes by way of helping others succeed. Ours is a mission of service at the highest levels. We believe that words like communication, knowledge, integrity, passion, persistence, and fortitude are the essence of any successful mission. At the end of the day, we believe that serving our principals, distributors, and end-users defines success.


V -ision A clear, well thought-out path is at the cornerstone of any successful business. At VaGa Sales, we have a 20/20 vision on the path ahead. We believe that working with our partners to define a blueprint model for success in the beginning, ultimately leads to positive results throughout the relationship.

A -ction VaGa believes that success in life and business is achieved by moving forward through positive action. Our team is made up of energized, focused individuals with a burning desire to succeed. Action is a part of our organizational fabric.

G -oals If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Goals not written down and worked on daily are merely dreams. Well-defined goals help to build the foundation of our organization. We work with our partners to measure our success around these common goals.

A -ccountability Holding ourselves accountable to our vision, actions, and goals is the element of our continuous formula that ultimately defines success. We are constantly reviewing our vision, actions, and goals to ensure that we are attacking the correct targets with unified measures.